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sustainable Sourcing Committee

Sustainable Sourcing Committee

Who We Are 

Net Impact’s Sourcing Committee works to promote the adoption of sustainable procurement strategies in companies and enables individuals to practice green consumerism. 

Roles of the committee include: 

  • Raising awareness through educational and outreach events

  • Providing and promoting opportunities for green consumerism

  • Partnering with local businesses and organizations 

  • Lobbying for change within our community

Net Impact's previous Fair Trade Commitee


Fair Trade Campaigns 

Fair Trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers obtain better trading conditions and promote sustainability. The Fair Trade label ensures that throughout the production process the environment and the workers are taken into account. 



Three years ago, the committee worked to get Cal Poly recognized as a Fair Trade Campus. We worked closely with campus dining to ensure that two Fair Trade products were in each of the dining facilities, hosted educational events about Fair Trade, and confirmed Cal Poly's commitment to Fair Trade initiatives through legislation signed by President Armstrong. Through this effort, we were able to achieve the honor of Cal Poly becoming the first CSU to be Fair Trade Recognized!



This past year the committee worked with local advocates to get the city of San Luis Obispo designated as a Fair Trade Town. Partnering with local businesses and organizations, the committee ensured that Fair Trade products were being sold and distributed within the community. Through our efforts, Mayor Heidi Harmon issued a proclamation to further promote green consumerism in SLO and establish the second Saturday of May “World Fair Trade Day.”

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