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Lars Ronning Guest Speaker

"People know they need to change, they want to change but it can feel overwhelming to do it"

-Lars Ronning, founder of Ailuna speaking to the issue he and his wife were hoping to combat with their sustainable practices training app

Imperfect Foods Panel

"40% of the food produced in the US goes uneaten, and this issue trickles down the supply chain its not just the food that spoils in your fridge" 

-Jessy Evaristo, Junior Buyer at Imperfect Foods on the food waste issue in the US

Kevin Danaher Guest Speaker

"You guys are the future, you know, you are the ones that are going to build on what my generation started" 

-Kevin Danaher: Co-Founder of GreenFestivals and Global Exchange on the next generation  

Anna Yee Guest Speaker

"I would argue that volunteering is a more efficient way of networking" 

-Anna Yee: Research Associate at Momentum on career preparation strategies for post graduation networking 

'Defining Sustainable Business'

"Looking at the top left with Curious George, I think that's my number one rule, just stay curious, don't lose motivation...don't get discouraged if you find information that directly contradicts what you had just learned, just keep going, keep asking questions and keep being curious"

~Linnea Holmen: Club President speaking on ways to keep connected with the sustainable business world

Anthony Toppi Guest Speaker

"If we don't get Climate Change under control, student athletes are going to have X number of weeks less of practice, and those are Nike customers and Nike supporters, and that affects them"

~Anthony Toppi: Senior Manager at Ceres Inc. on how he convinces companies like Nike that environmental justice is important within their business practices

Sustainability Internship Panel

"It really comes down to networking, because [companies] don't want to hire someone that they don't know because thats a risk to them, but if they know that you are passionate and at least have a decent education, they will take you over someone else"

~Ben Rocha: Intern at US EPA on suggestions for student on the job/internship hunt

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